Christmas Past is a podcast that tells the stories behind your favorite holiday traditions. Each episode is 10-15 minutes long, and features interviews with experts, archival audio, and Christmas memories from listeners.

About Me

I’m Brian Earl. I grew up in Massachusetts, so I’ve had my share of white Christmases. But nowadays I make my home in sunny San Mateo, California, and work in Silicon Valley as a “user experience designer.” Christmas is one of my favorite things about life, and I created this podcast so that I’d have a Christmas-related hobby throughout the year!

Me with my brothers, circa 1976. That’s me on the left.

My Setup

Podcasters get asked about their setups a lot, so here’s all of the tech behind the show:

  • I do all of my work on an iMac
  • My microphone is a Rode Podcaster
  • For recording software, I use Hindenburg Journalist Pro. It’s magical!
  • I listen to playback through a set of Sony MDR-7506 headphones
  • My “recording studio” is a 3’x5′ closet stuffed with pillows and blankets
  • MP3 file hosting and RSS feed are handled by Libsyn
  • This site is powered by WordPress, and uses a theme that I designed and coded myself

If you have any questions or comments about the show, you can contact me anytime. I’d love to hear from you!