Episode 20


December 18, 2017

We’ve drunk some form of eggnog since medieval times. But it didn’t become a Christmas beverage until it reached America.

A modern presentation of eggnog. Photo courtesy of Tim Wright, via Unsplash

Fun Links

  • Tis the Podcast: Check out the gang from Tis the Podcast. They share their favorite Christmas movie memories in this episode
  • Jeffrey Morganthaler: Author and craft bartender Jeffrey Morganthaler shares his signature eggnog recipes
  • The Bar Book: Jeffrey’s definitive guide to the elements of cocktail technique

Music from this episode

  • Night Light” — Blue Dot Sessions, via Free Music Archive
  • Contrarian” — Blue Dot Sessions, via Free Music Archive
  • Wish Background” — Kevin MacLeod, via Incompetech
  • Partly Sage” — Blue Dot Sessions, via Free Music Archive

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