Christmas Past goes as Tis the Podcast for Halloween

Happy Halloween! This year, Christmas Past is masquerading as Tis the Podcast, “the podcast dedicated to keeping the Christmas Spirit alive 365 days a year.” In this special bonus crossover episode, I join Julia and Anthony to review the 1984 made-for-TV movie version of A Christmas Carol. What better way to combine Christmas and Halloween than with one of the world’s most popular ghost stories!

Speaking of which, there’s a long history of Christmas ghost stories, but not many of them remain popular (or even well known) today. But my friends at Tis the Podcast are doing their own Halloween crossover episode where they masquerade as yours truly. You’ll definitely want to hear them give the Christmas Past treatment to this very interesting topic. So subscribe to Tis the Podcast wherever you get your podcasts to join in on the fun!

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Music from this episode

Turning” — Blue Dot Sessions, via Free Music Archive