Mince Pies

The mince pie is one of the least understood, most maligned, and sometimes subversive Christmas traditions we have. And yet, it’s still here. With its pastry crust and spiced — and often, boozy — fruit filling, it’s a survivor. And its story touches on hallucinogens, Prohibition, food preservation, the Puritans, and a Christmas dessert with a bad-boy reputation. A dessert that’s as American as, well…as American as mince pie. 

Thanks to Veronique Greenwood for appearing in this episode.

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Music in this episode

  • Wish Background  — Kevin MacLeod via Incompetech
  • Denzel Sprak — BlueDot Sessions, via Free Music Archive
  • Burned — Podington Bear, via Free Music Archive
  • Twinkle in the Night — Aakash Gandhi, via YouTube Audio Library
  • Stille Nacht — Don Maue, shared directly by the artist