Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas and sweaters naturally go together. But how did the idea of a festive holiday sweater become the multimillion dollar industry of recent decades? Is the gawdy, ironic, edgy humored Christmas sweater a passing fad, or are we at the start of something enduring? Today on Christmas Past: The “ugly” Christmas sweater!

Thank you to Evan Mendelsohn from Tipsy Elves for joining me. And thanks to my mom, making her third appearance here on Christmas Past!

Music in this episode

  • Wish Background” — Kevin MacLeod, via Incompetech
  • “Holiday 2” — Dave Depper, via Needledrop
  • “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” — Don Maue, shared directly by the artist
  • Crinoline Dreams” — Kevin MacLeod, via Incompetech
  • Bellow’s Hull” — Blue Dot Sessions, via Free Music Archive
  • Gentle Marimbas” — Podington Bear, via Free Music Archive