The best of Christmas Clatter

I’m back with another Ber Months Bonus episode! This time, I present a special “best of” sampler from Todd Killian’s podcast, Christmas Clatter.


  1. If you leave a review I’ll send you a Christmas card containing a Christmas Past sticker. Contact me for details.
  2. Send your Christmas memory for the 2019 season. Record yourself on your phone’s voice recorder app and send it to me!
  3. I’m doing a live show this year at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco in November. I’m teaming up with Tim Babb from Can’t Wait for Christmas for a fun and very Victorian hour or Christmas spirit.
  4. I’ll be appearing on a podcasters panel at Christmas Con in Edison New Jersey on November 9, but tickets are sold out.
  5. I’ll be at ChristmasLand on December 15 in Los Angeles! It’s an immersive Christmas movie experience that’ll give you “all the  feels.” Follow them on Instagram @christmaslandexperience.

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