Rate and review the podcast to get an exclusive Christmas Past sticker!

Ratings and reviews help more people discover Christmas Past. It’s like spreading Christmas Cheer! Not only that, but they also provide valuable feedback that makes the show better.

Leaving a review on Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes) takes less than a minute. And to show my appreciation, I’m offering an exclusive¬†Christmas Past sticker to everyone who leaves a review. These stickers are not for sale: they’re available only to those who leave a review, and supplies are limited.

OK, what do I need to do?

You can review the show from the desktop or mobile app. On the desktop app, search for Christmas Past, then click on the “Ratings and Reviews” tab. The “Write a Review” button appears at the top of the “Customer Reviews” list.

image of iTunes, showing how to leave a review
In iTunes, click on the Ratings and Reviews tab, then click on the Write a Review button

On the Apple Podcasts phone app, search for Christmas Past, then scroll all the way down. “The Write a Review” link appears near the “You Might Also Like” section.

image of leaving a review on the Apple Podcasts phone app
On the Apple Podcasts phone app, search for Christmas Past, then scroll all the way down

You can also leave a review on Google Play, or the podcast app of your choice. The process is similar on most apps.

How do i get my sticker?

Once you’ve left a review, contact me¬†and let me know:

  • Your full name
  • The username you used to leave the review
  • The date you left the review
  • Your mailing address

You’ll receive your sticker, along with a hand-written note of gratitude from yours truly, Brian Earl.

Do I have to leave a positive review?

I can’t deny it: the 5-star reviews are my favorite kind to get! But I also appreciate feedback to helps improve the show, when it’s sincere and constructive. I want to hear what you really think.

Featured image for this post by Aaron Burden on Unsplash